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WIRE-O Binding

WHAT kind of books typically use wire-o binding?

Wire-O® Binding is perfect for computer and equipment  manuals, calendars, reference guides, display and promotional materials, cookbooks and flip charts.

WHAT covers can be used with wire-o?

Semi-concealed, fully-concealed, hard covers, and wraparound covers are viable cover options for Wire-O® binding products. An additional option for double loop wire is the option for cover wrapping to conceal the double loop wire elements. This binding  process is achieved by having a wraparound cover that is scored  and laid out according to the thickness of the wire element and  book block, then punched on the back side of the cover, bound,  and then folding the cover on the scores to conceal the binding  element.

WHAT options can be added with wire-o?

Mixed stocks; foldouts; pockets and index tabs can all be incorporated into Wire-O® binding products for increased versatility.



Metal wire

Works with 4 page or 2 page layouts

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