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Singer Sewn

WHAT is Singer Sewn?

Singer Sewing is the process of binding books using thread to bind the books.

WHAT type of Singer Sewing is available?

There are two variations of Singer Sewing.

WHAT is a Saddle Singer Sewn book?

Folded signatures are placed over a "saddle" and then sewn along the spine. Page numbers have to be in multiples of 4 to make the folded booklet.

WHEN should you use Side Singer Sewing?

Side Singer Sewing is used when binding 2 page forms or single sheets together.

SInger Sewn Stitch

Saddle Singer Sewn

Thread binding

Works with 4 page layouts

Singer Sewn on the side

Side Singer Sewn

Thread Binding

Works with 2 page layouts

16 Page Booklet Layout - InDesign Layout

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